Thursday, January 26, 2012

my LOVE for MUSIC!

Did you know that the number of recorded CDs and blank CDs sold were about equal. Now that is prety impressive. To find out mor fun facts about music go to did you know music fast facts.

I have been playing the violin for about 10 years.

Barrage - Devil's Nightmare

I was lucky and got to play with this famous group when I was in high school.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

all about ME!!

My name is Caitlin Brown.  I attend Edinboro University of Pennsylvania for Early Childhood and Special Education.  Along with attending classes for my major, I enjoy playing the violin. I am part of Edinboro University’s String Ensemble, Circle K, and International Students Affiliation.  I want to graduate from Edinboro University with a BS. in Early Childhood and Special Education.  With my BS. degree I will start looking for a job in my field while going to school to get my Masters.  When I get a job, I will take night classes as working.  I would love to work in a preschool for students with disabilities.  I will go where ever there is a job opportunity for me.  By using the blog I would like to share my view about the education process that I am going through to get my degree.