Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Budget Cuts: Do they help or hurt the education we receive?

Budget Cuts have become a serious problem in the education field.  In the article, Painful Education Cuts in Budget Deal, it says that more than half of the $38 billion in cuts in the FY2011 bill education, health, and labor.  Federal funds play into attempting to level the playing field for poor students, as well as promising students with disabilities services to which they are legally entitled to.  Without all the funds, students will not have the resources they need to succeed.  They say that the budget cuts for education will not only hurt the students, but it will also hurt the U.S. economy.  In the article, it talks about the research that has been done to prove the point.

Another article, called What School District Budget Cuts Mean For Students, talks about how the cuts will affect the students.  One thing the article mentions is about the class size.  The class size used to average at about 22 students.  Now the class is up to about 30 students.  With  more students in the classroom it is getting harder to manage.

Many schools are starting to cut extracurricular activities.  With the schools not getting the same amount of money they have many programs being cut.  Clubs that are not as popular are getting shut down.  Also, many arts and music classes are being cut too.  With all the clubs and classes being shut down, students are not getting to experience all the different things that are out there.

If the budget cut keeps getting worse, many things will be lost.  Music and art classes as we know it will no longer to exist.  Students will be left with minimum extracurricular activities.  This will keep students from exploring and learning many different areas.  Schooling as we know it will forever be changed.

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