Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In class we were instructed to make a PowerPoint using the standards from PennDot Standards.  Using the PennDot Standards I found the slandered I was going to use for my PowerPoint. I chose a standard for math in Pre-Kindergarten. The slandered was in the area of numbers, number system and number relationships. The slandered was to demonstrate the relationship between numbers, and qualities, including rote counting, one-to-one correspondence up to 10 objects, and comparing values of whole numbers up to 10. 

After choosing the standard I started looking for videos that I could possible use. To look for the videos i used YouTube. I found to videos that I ended up using. One was a counting song that i put at the end of the PowerPoint. The other video I put at the beginning of the PowerPoint. This video let the kids meet the numbers. I then started to look for shapes I could use to show them what two equaled and so on with the other numbers. Lastly, I made an interactive game that children could play. I found different objects in a variety or numbers and asked them how many ______ is in the picture. I had different number choices they could choose. If they clicked the wrong answer it went to a slide that said try again, but if they clicked the right answer it went to a slide that said good job.

Before we started this project I knew quite a bit about PowerPoint, so I didn't struggle too much. Even though I knew PowerPoint I did learn a few things. One thing I learn was how to make a lesson plan. At the beginning I did not know how to make a lesson plan, but now I feel pretty good with making one. Another thing I learned was how to hide a slide. When I made the game I was able to hide the slides that said try again and good job. By doing that after one question was done we could skip the slides that said good job and try again and go to the next page. This project was very good because you got to see other people’s ideas as well as show others your ideas with PowerPoint.

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