Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Open Educational Resourses

Open Educational Resources or ORS is a tool online open to everyone for little to no cost that allows them to learn new information. ORE's can include full course material, syllabi, lectures, homework assignments, quizzes, labs and classroom activities such as games or a video.  I think ORE's is a good idea. it allows people to explore new things.  As a student you can use the ORE to see if you would like a certain class, or field of study.  As a learner you can use ORE's to explore new things that may be useful to you as a human being.  as a future teacher ORE's can be real useful for a few reasons. One way they can be helpful is if  I am teaching a certain topic and I am not sure how to plan the lesson, you can use an ORE to get a lesson and then adapt it to fit your needs. Also if you need one more work sheet for the students to do for a subject and you do not have time to make one you can find a already made that fits your needs. I think ORE's is a real good idea that can benefit may people.

 Three sites I found helpful are:

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