Thursday, April 26, 2012

Visual Essay Reflection

We had to create a I believe essay.  At first it scared me and I was not sure what the essay entailed. After looking at the "This I Believe" website, I started to feel like the project was due-able. Creating a statement that you believe in can be challenging, but once you find a statement everything else seams to fall into place. Many I believe statements have a story to go behind them. After figuring out what you want to write about and the story. you can come up with an essay. After the essay is created you have to start making the video or recording of your essay. I started recording with garbageband. As recording it would get frustrating because if you mess up you have to rerecord that part over again. When listening to myself, I felt like it sounded bad and had trouble accepting that i wasn't going to be able to change the way my voice sounds. After the recording was done I had to get pictures and start making a video. I found some of the pictures on Google images. Some pictures I got from my teacher I had in 7th grade. I emailed her and asked if she was able to take pictures of the classroom and some of the things we used in the classroom for the video. After all the pictures were collected, I started making my video using Windows Movie Maker. Making the video was stressful trying to get everything lined up perfectly.   I emailed the video completed to my family for there input and feedback to see if there was anything I can improve. They all like the video and thought I did a good job. Once finished I felt proud of what I could accomplish.

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